Thursday, March 21, 2013

With sickness comes some good too...

I know it is a crazy thought. Something good coming from something as bad as gastroparesis, but it is true. I am talking about the people i have met, the experiences i have had, and the experiences i hope to have.

Upon getting the news I had a disease and it had no cure i was crushed. I immediately thought the worst, i had already given up before i began...

I spent a year lost. Noone understood, doctors said it was in my head, friends all quit talking to me because I couldn't go hang out or do the things they were doing.

It broke my heart. It crushed my hope and I just knew my life was over.

Then i got on facebook and searched for gastroparesis hoping to find a page...I found a few, there was so much drama and no activity. Then i tried one last page GreensNotEasy and my search was over.

I have stuck with this group and now consider them family. Everything i have tried to find was right there.

I now have the support and understanding i need, i now have amazing people in my life, I now am not fighting alone but with a army of GP survivors!

While in Rochester hospital last month I even got to meet a wonderful woman, mother of a gp fighter, and a true inspiration!

In the future months and years I hope to meet many of the people that i have met.

It is funny how someone who was once a stranger can mean so much to me now. I wake up thinking about these people, I go to bed praying they all have a good night,i spend my days talking to them and trying to help them as they have helped me.


  1. I feel the same. I told LaShelle yesterday that we were like a GP fraternity or sorority, bonded for life on the GNE page. I love all of you. <3

  2. <3 you! GNE seriously made life tolerable again for me...GP is too hard alone, i am glad none of us will ever be alone again :)