Friday, March 22, 2013

How embarrassing!! :0

I hear a lot of you say you do not go out much for fear of getting sick. I want you to know you are not alone. Often times I avoid leaving the house so I don't get sick in front of strangers. This isn't always an option is my WORST GP day!

It was a cold snowy day here in Wisconsin and i had a court hearing across town. I woke up feeling horrible, anything i would drink was coming right back up, nausea meds providing no relief, i was a mess.

I called the judge's secretary and explained how sick i was, her reply well you have to be here you can not reschedule...

I knew this would end badly, just had no idea how badly. I made it to the bus stop a block from my house and had already puked in my bag i took with, so i threw it away and got on the bus.

I remember i kept saying in my head don't get sick, don't get sick... We made it a few blocks and it started coming out, i ran to the front of the bus and puked all over the garbage can.

Everyone on the bus was just staring at me, i felt mortified!! I apologized to the bus driver and took a seat as close to the front of the bus that i could, it was a good thing too because a few minutes later it started again, people on the bus were staring at me and whispering. Finally we reached the court house and i got of the bus glad to be away from those 15 or 20 people i just puked in front of multiple times!

I enter the courthouse and go upstairs to the courtroom and take a seat in back of courtroom to wait to be called up, i sat there fine for a few minutes then the horrible nausea struck again, i got up and went to the door but there was a bailiff there and he said you can not leave until you have seen the judge, i explained i was going to be sick and with a blank stare he said maam go sit down and wait.

I did go sit down and that is when it started, i puked all over the floor of his courtroom!!! And i thought the bus was bad! Everyone got silent and just stared at me, finally the judge said i could reschedule and go home.

As an added note any future court hearings i was allowed to appear by phone! :)


  1. I use the emesis bags that you get from the hospital. I order them on Amazon and put them everywhere - my purse, my car, and my house. Here is the link for people who would also like to buy them, and they're on sale right now:

  2. That is also what i have started doing, they are really easy to carry around and sure help in a pinch!!

  3. Excellent idea... I do not like going out much either. I always carry tons of paper towels and Walmart bags.