Thursday, March 21, 2013

Personal rant regarding Insurance companies in the US and gastroparesis

There is a huge problem when it comes to this country and our insurance companies!
Many of us suffering do not have insurance, and those that do have it are often stuck fighting every time they need medicine or treatment.
Recently my insurance company approved a week long trip to Rochester MN. Since then i have been informed they decided not to cover it and i now owe almost $20,000!
My insurance has also decided i do not need to have zofran in liquid form despite the fact i have been on it for months!
Yet I consider myself lucky, lucky because i can go to insurance and fight that, some are not so lucky. Many people i care about actually have no insurance.
I feel so bad for them, how can our country not have a program for the sick...
I save everything, even filling scripts i know i will never use, saving it all. If it comes to it i will help my friends, i will make sure they have what they need...
It is sad tho that it comes to that, it is sad that in one of the most developed countries that we can't help our own. That the health care field has become about money and nothing else.

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